Shadwick Design Associates Ltd

Our practice offers services in architecture from small to larger projects. We will provide advice regarding project design feasibility and associated requirements in regards to town planning issues, storm-water and sanitary disposal, along with structural considerations and the like. The normal architectural process includes, preliminary and developed design, budgeting, preparation of working drawings for building consent application and for tendering by contractors, and preparation of support documentation such as specifications, consultants reports, and contract preparation and administration where required. We work with the following consultants, who are normally separately engaged by the client, to address the technical requirements necessary to complete a project.

Consultants Input Services

Structural Engineering
  • Calculations
  • Structural Drawings
Geo-Technical Engineering
  • Land stability
Stormwater engineering:
  • Flood prone areas and storm-water disposal.
Electrical Engineering
  • For Larger projects.
Mechanical Engineering
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and water Supply issues
Fire design
  • For egress and building protection.
Land Surveying
  • For topographical and building location.
  • Subdivision of sites.
Quantity Surveying
  • For Budget and full estimates
  • Contract payment assessment and approval

Project Process Synopsis

  • Client Brief
  • Preliminary Site Investigation.
    • Site Services and Information
    • Drainage and ground conditions etc.
  • Land surveyor:
    • Topographical plan to provide ground contours and building locations (where existing buildings exist)
  • Preliminary Design
    • For client assessment and approval
  • Developed Design
    • For Client assessment and approval
  • Quantity Surveyor:
    • For Budget estimates to determine cost feasibility and whether the design meets the client budget, or should be changed. This is normally at the clients request prior to the preparation of working drawings.
    • Budget estimates may sometimes be necessary after preliminary designs.
  • Working Drawings
    • Including structural engineering and other consultant reports
  • Specification
    • If requested.
  • Building Consent Application
  • Tendering by builders
    • Usually administered concurrently with the building consent process
  • Contract Preparation.
  • Construction:
    • Builders Construction of the Project
    • Contract observation, or administration where required.